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affordable - Anonymous internet in Australia.
on April 13th of 2015 the so-called Telecommunications Interception and Access Amendment Data Storage Act 2015 was made into law. The law obligates telecom companies to save certain data concerning telephone and/ or internet usage of their customers for a period of two years. The data internet providers have to save has mostly to do with email traffic.
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Affordable Plumbing Heat Serving Denver and the Springs.
Affordable Plumbing and Heat is committed to preventing emergencies before they happen. Our technicians are licensed, bonded and ready to assist you with preventative maintenance or repairs of your plumbing or heating and cooling system. We also install water filtration systems that remove dangerous contaminants from your water supply.
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Affordable Rentals SDHC.
SDHC, including its nonprofit affiliate, Housing Development Partners HDP, owns or manages more than 3500, affordable rental housing units. As a lender, bond issuer and administrator of City of San Diego affordable rental housing programs, SDHC has partnered with developers to create more than 17000, affordable rental housing units citywide since 1981.
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Budget 2019: Affordable housing players to gain The Economic Times.
This will benefit the affordable housing sector where the loans are usually of around Rs 10 lakh and EMI of nearly Rs 10000. Industry experts that ET spoke with said that a portion of higher savings will find a way into the affordable housing sector.
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Home Foundation For Affordable Housing.
Who We Are. Connect with FFAH. Foundation for Affordable Housing creates safe, comfortable, high-quality, affordable homes that enrich the lives of its residents and add stability to the surrounding community. Foundation For Affordable Housing 2018. A Mopro Website. Back to Top.
Affordable Definition of Affordable by Merriam-Webster.
affordable fr-d-bl Definition of affordable.: able to be afforded: having a cost that is not too high products sold at affordable prices an affordable purchase affordable housing housing that is not too expensive for people of limited means. Other Words from affordable Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about affordable.
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Affordable Synonyms, Affordable Antonyms Thesaurus.com.
And let's' give them a tax credit to make that choice an affordable one. We will assure quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans. We must continue-we must continue, step by step, to give more families access to affordable quality health care.
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Best Mobile Phone Deals Cheap Pay Monthly Offers AffordableMobiles.co.uk.
Get an even better mobile phone deal when you take out great-value EE home broadband with us. Our Best Most Affordable Mobile Deals. Affordable by name, affordable by nature. Check our very best and most affordable mobile phone deals on iPhone, Samsung and more.
AFFORDABLE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
They are meeting consumer demand for fashionable products at affordable prices. keep sth/make sth affordable The Prius is heavily subsidised by Toyota to keep it affordable. affordable for/to sb Will space flight ever be affordable for the masses? Definition of affordable from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary Cambridge University Press.
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